About Us

Leenix Brick Craft & Design Pvt.ltd has been a multi - service architectural. Led by, Mr. Niket Sinha & his team this firm deals in the fields of architecture, interiors, landscape & product design.

WE Are well qualified and experienced to take up the complex job of Architecture & Planning. This architect is an innovation based new thinking and re thinking based company where we intend to break the monotonous pattern of architecture we see around.

The building and the space should speak for itself and the users should have a feeling of comfort and stress free environment.It has an architectural style that is tasteful and practical. What sets the firm apart is its versatile approach to a design – the end product could be ultramodern or very traditional.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional architecture that demonstrates the highest level of creative design and technical skill, providing our clients a level of satisfaction that exceeds their ambitions and expectations while conducting business responsibly and with the utmost integrity.:

Project Management
Define your goals and objectives.
Set success metrics
Clarify stakeholders and roles
Set your budget
Align on milestones, deliverables, and project dependencies.
Outline your timeline and schedule
Share your communication plan

Project Management
To be the best possible architectural
firm we can be,
Design Services
and as a result of our product
and most importantly our satisfied clients,
it is our desire to be considered by our clients,
the public and our peers.

Design Team

Mr.Niket Sinha (B.Arch, NIT Patna)
Mr. Niket Sinha (M.tech, UTS Sydney)
Mr. Niket Sinha (M. Planning, SPA Vijayawada)
Mr.Niket Sinha (M.Arch, IIT Roorkee)
Mr. Niket Sinha (M.Arch, NIT Patna)


F, New Delhi
, New Delhi

Structure Consultants

, Patna

PEB Consultants

New Delhi