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Leenix Brick Craft & Design Pvt.ltd is one stop solution for your architech needs. we offer many type of services :


We undertake work pertaining to complete planning and Designing of Architectural, Town planning, Landscaping, Interior, Structural designing and Designing all services such as Electrical, Plumbing and Sanitary, Drainage Sewerage, HVAC and work pertaining to Horticulture. We also specialize in work related to planning and development of computerized offices , Banks , Financial Institutions and Corporate Offices. We also undertake complete project management, preparation of Tender documents, Bill of quantities, Specifications, Estimates etc. The services also include complete supervision of the project, maintenance of site records, measurements of work done, verifications of contractors bills and issuance of valuation certificates.

Turnkey Solutions.

A turnkey project is one whose design, construction and start-up only involves a contractor who will be in charge of solving all the needs arising from it in exchange for a price previously set
Leenix Brick Craft & Design Pvt.ltd is the first choice for architecture design development in Patna, Bihar.

Construction Solutions.

Leenix Brick Craft & Design Pvt.ltd is well experienced and creative interior designers and dedicated project coordinators to provide you with the best advice and service.

Architects create designs for new construction projects, alterations and redevelopments. They use their specialist construction knowledge and high-level drawing skills to design buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. A solution architect is a key role in the software development process, responsible for designing and planning the technical aspects of a software system to ensure that it meets the desired requirements and is scalable, reliable, and efficient.

Architecture Solutions

Solution architecture provides the ground for software development projects by tailoring IT solutions to specific business needs and defining their functional requirements and stages of implementation. It is comprised of many subprocesses that draw guidance from various enterprise architecture viewpoints.

Interior Architecture

Interior architecture is a practice that focuses on the technical aspects of planning and building a room. Incorporating the art of design and the science of architecture, this field involves making the room safe and functional as well as designing aesthetically-appealing lighting, color and texture for a space.
Leenix Brick Craft & Design Pvt.ltd is the first choice for Interior architecturedevelopment in Patna, Bihar

 Building Architecture

Architecture is more than just constructing a building to provide a home. The architecture is aimed at improving human life; creating timeless, free, joyful spaces for all the activities of life. The most important task of architecture is also how it creates a way of life for those who live, work, or meet in it.